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About Us


LEXEL Legal Services was created by a need to offer legal services with ‘human first’. This is apparent in our three service statements, which are a binding cost appraisal, quality assurance and clarity assurance.

We always make at first a cost-free initial appraisal, which is used for making an initial plan and a binding cost appraisal to execute that plan. The final invoice can therefore be lower than the cost appraisal, but not higher.

Quality assurance means, that we always execute all our cases with exceptional care and proficiency. You can always trust that even if we had underestimated the required hours to complete the tasks, we always finish meticulously what we agreed within the time frame and cost agreed. Helping you is not only our job, but a way of life.

We also give a clarity assurance to our work. This means, that we never drown you with legal jargon, but we always communicate clearly and keep you up to date. The binding cost appraisal enhances the clarity assurance, as you can always make additional questions regarding your case without having to worry that it is reflected in the final invoice.

We are operating under clear fundamental ethical values, which can be found here.

Why LEXEL (1-2-3)?

1. LEXEL is a boutique law office, so you always receive personal attention from us, which includes a free initial appraisal and a binding cost appraisal.

2. We work strenuously and diligently in order to reach the solution that is for the best interests of our client (and in the best interest of the child in family cases).

3. We want to solve issues primarily by agreement, because it is usually the wisest thing to do financially.

We are best reached by telephone, email, chat which is mobile or by using the contact form.

Please contact us for a free initial appraisal!

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We are here for you

Please contact us for a free initial appraisal