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Contract Law

Contracts are too often looked at more carefully only when the dispute has already actualised. However, at that point we are already late, as the damage has already happened. Then we are talking about damage control, where we naturally help you to the full.

In making contracts it is important to exclude any possible pitfalls. It is therefore useful, that a lawyer goes through the agreed points as an outsider beforehand, so that there are no unwritten assumptions left in the contract and that the formal contractual requirements are met. This ensures that the risk of expensive legal battles is minimised. However, the best practice is that we as outsiders write the contract from scratch, so that neither party has a possibility to leave any ambiguity beneficial to themselves, which an outsider might miss.

It is our job to spot the possible pitfalls beforehand, and in case the dispute has already actualised, to help in solving the dispute. This may include for example drafting letters, leading negotiations and mediation. If these actions are not leading to acceptable results, the issue may have to be taken to the court.

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