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Ethical Values

We are committed to operating according to the following ethical values in all situations.

In addition, we are committed to do some work pro bono. For such cases requiring exceptional support we have reserved annually 20% of our turnover. We make decisions on these cases individually.



We guard your interests in all situations and are loyal to you in handling your case. For full loyalty each and every other ethical principle must also be fulfilled.


We always make sure that we are independent in handling your case. If for any reason this cannot be guaranteed, we refuse to take your case. This safeguards loyalty.


We always ensure, that we are unbiased in handling your case. This is also extremely important for achieving loyalty, independence and confidentiality.


We keep all information acquired when handling your case strictly confidential. Confidentiality includes also strict secrecy.


We always operate honestly, correctly and immaculately. We for example never take a case to court without having first checked if the case can be settled outside the court.

Meticulous and efficient

We always work meticulously, punctually, efficiently and especially without causing unnecessary costs. This is also ensured by our three service statements.

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