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Family and Inheritance Law

Things don’t always go as planned. Divorce is a stressful thing, and there are multiple issues to be solved with the former partner, especially regarding the children. However, negotiating with the former partner is never easy, and sometimes not even possible.

We act as a mediator and an arbitrator in these situations, and make mutual agreements for issues regarding the divorce. We make for example partition agreements, agreements on children’s living, guardianship and right of access, as well as on maintenance. When an agreement is reached, the District Court confirms the agreement, as long as it is not against the interest of the child. We take care of all the steps for you.

However, many disputes are avoidable in advance. Examples of such avoiding measures are prenuptial agreements as well as inheritance agreements such as a will. We help you in drafting such agreements and in relation to any questions regarding such agreements. Both a prenuptial agreement and a will are documents which have certain formative requirements.

If there is a dispute, it often makes most sense to settle it outside the court. This is especially the case with matters relating to children, where there is a danger of being driven to a court spiral, where always one parent cannot accept the latest court decision. Mutual agreement is always the primary solution, because what has been agreed mutually is always easier for both parents to comply with. It is also in the best interest of the child to minimise arguments. The main thing is to move forward in life, and not to get stuck in the past.

However, agreement cannot always be reached, and there is no other option than to take the issue to the court. You should not worry about this either. Together we make a situational appraisal and take it from there.

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