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Law office your child would choose

LEXEL is a modern law office specialising in family law, contract law and human rights law. We serve you in English as well, please contact us for more information.

Binding cost appraisal

We always aim to give you a binding cost appraisal to each stage of our assignments. Even if we eventually need more hours to complete the assignment, you pay at most what we initially estimated.

Quality assurance

We complete all our assignments with due diligence and full professionalism. Helping you is not only our work, but a way of life. You can rest assured, that we always give it all in representing your interests.

Clarity assurance

We always keep you up to date and communicate clearly. We never drown you with legal jargon. We are committed to being your interpreter between legal jargon and English.


Family and Inheritance Law

Things don’t always go as planned. However, many disputes can also be avoided beforehand. When disputes actualise, it makes often sense to make an out-of-court settlement. This is especially the case in matters where children are involved. Having said that, settlement is not always possible and such matters need to be taken to the court. You should not worry about this either. Together we make a situational analysis and take it from there.

Contract Law

Contracts are too often looked at more carefully only when the dispute has already actualised. In making contracts it is therefore important, that a lawyer goes through the agreed points as an outsider beforehand, so that there are no unwritten assumptions left in the contract and that the formal contractual requirements are met. This ensures that the risk of expensive legal battles is minimised. It is our job to spot the possible pitfalls beforehand, and in case the dispute has already actualised, to help in solving the dispute.


Fundamental and Human Rights

We take fundamental and human rights for granted, but the reality is not always matching this. Hate speech is a plague of our time and equality is not always a reality. The due process is at times under extreme stress with refugees. Our mission is to help those who have fallen between a rock and a hard place. Our help can consist for example of guidance, evidence gathering, drafting letters, arbitration, lobbying and assisting in court.

Please contact us for a free initial appraisal or make a booking online.