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Fundamental and Human Rights

We often take fundamental and human rights for granted. In a way they should be, but in practice they are continuously violated.

Unfortunately it must be noted, that even in Finland the fundamental and human rights are violated on a daily basis. For example hate speech is the plague of our time, and causes a lot of hardship and right deprivation. On the other hand, also deprivation of freedom of expression or other fundamental rights is sometimes an issue. Equality is not always reality. The legal protection for the weakest in the society such as refugees, handicapped or sexual minorities is not always where it should be.

Our task is to help those who have suffered from right violations to seek justice. The help can consist of guidance, evidence gathering, drafting of letters, arbitration and lobbying, as well as representing you in the court. Often the cases can be settled by an agreement, or making a correction request or an appeal to the Administrative Court regarding a decision made by an official. Some cases can also be escalated to a criminal or civil process.

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