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Chat-function renewed

The Chat application we used had suddenly stopped working, apparently the service provider had closed down. We renewed the function at the same time so that we can always reply to your questions later, in case we are not available just at that time. The Chat function operates now with WhatsApp application, so all your questions will be always answered to. In the previous application it sometimes happened, that we could not answer, if we could not immediately answer to the question.

When you use the Chat function on desktop, it opens the WhatsApp Web window. If you use the function on your mobile, it opens the WhatsApp application. Obviously this is not helping those who do not use WhatsApp. In these cases it is useful to remember, that you can always also send questions by email to info(a) or call us. Our complete contact information can be found here.

We are observing how this application works in practice. We are also pleased to receive any suggestions on how to make this even better.

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