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Free initial appraisal – book now

You can now book yout time for a free 15-minute initial appraisal with our lawyer using our online booking calendar. The appraisal is conducted virtually via Zoom meeting. If you can’t or don’t want to use Zoom, we can of course conduct the meeting by telephone. Please inform us of this when booking the time, so that we know to call you by phone.

The appraisal times are at first available mainly Monday mornings, but additional times are added always a couple of weeks beforehand. Therefore, if you cannot find a time which is suitable for you, please check the situation again later. You can of course always call us, or send us an email or use the WhatsApp Chat function which is available on the icon which is on the bottom right corner of every page.

We at LEXEL Law Office use technology such as virtual meetings, electronic signatures whenever they are possible and automatised bookings. Using these tools we can better concentrate on helping our clients, when time is not so much spent in moving between places, printing documents, fixing timetables and other routine tasks. We can then target our efforts to the more important things to help our client’s cause.

Initial appraisal is only for 15 minutes, so it is important that you are prepared for the meeting. Here are a few pointers as a checklist:

  • send background information to us beforehand by email to info(a)
  • think what your issue is and what you primarily want to achieve
  • if you have multiple issues, think what is the most important one and start from that
  • try to summarise your issue to a few key points

When we have completed the initial appraisal, we make you a binding offer to complete all the necessary tasks in predetermined extent. The price offer will be made either as fixed or a maximum price depending on the case at hand. In both cases the responsibility and risk stays with us, which means that you as a client can always be sure that there won’t be any unexpected costs. We take the responsibility of our estimates, which means that even if the time estimate proves to be much too low, we take pride to see the case to its finish for the agreed cost.

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