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Other Issues

We also help you in other legal issues. We are especially interested in complicated legal issues, which may have an international aspect. We also specialise in issues under the EU law and international law. These other international issues may occasionally have connections to our other services such as family and inheritance law, contract law or human rights.

In international matters, which are taken to the court, it is fundamental to clarify which court is competent in the matter, and which laws are applied. It is not always clear, that for example in the Finnish courts only the Finnish law would be applied in all the cases of international scope. If the law of another country is applied, it is common to cooperate with lawyers from other countries in handling the case.

We are also interested in acting as a trustee or lobbying for you. We can act as a mandated trustee for you. You can mandate us to act as your trustee beforehand, when you are still able to make decisions yourself, and this authorisation is activated when a doctor diagnoses the incapacitation to make decisions, and the DVV (the Finnish Digital and Population Data Services Agency) confirms that authority. We can also act as a lobbyist agency for an interest group for example in driving changes to the legislation in Finland or in the EU.

Please contact us and we make together an assessment of your situation and take it from there.

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