Book your free initial appraisal

Book your time for a free initial appraisal using this booking form. Appraisal is conducted virtually via Zoom meeting and its duration is 15 minutes. Based in this meeting we will make you a binding offer, which is either fixed fee or maximum fee for completing all necessary actions for your case. Further information on this initial appraisal you can find in this blog post.

Time slots for initial appraisal are more widely available only a few weeks beforehand, so in case you don’t find a suitable time, please check this page later again. Alternatively, you can try entering the Zoom meeting room’s waiting room and we will try to let you in as soon as possible.

After you have booked your time, you get a confirmation email, where you find also the link to the Zoom meeting. You also get a reminder email of your booking one day before the meeting. In case you cannot use your time after all, you can easily cancel the booking using the link provided both in the confirmation email and the reminder email.