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Sami Suomalainen
Lawyer, Licensed Legal Counsel (OTM, LL.M., MBA)

Trained as an LL.M. and an MBA, I have specialised in family law as well as fundamental and human rights law. I have also been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years, so I have experience in business law as well. It is in my nature to spot issues in contracts, which could be interpreted in multiple ways, and which could therefore cause disagreements on the interpretation later on.

I found family law interesting already before my legal studies. Having experienced a challenging divorce myself, as well as having seen friends in similar situations, I know what kind of things can happen during or after divorce. I therefore helped multiple people in their divorce issues already during my studies. I have realised, that my objectivity and calmness are especially useful in family law matters. I am also fundamentally conciliatory, but when need be I will pursue firmly the case which cannot be mediated. In family law it is not enough to know the law and praxis throughout, because it is essentially a question concerning human relations. I am good at reading people and finding new solutions to reach agreements.

My philosophy in family matters is, that we should always be mindful of the children involved. I have adopted in my work the definition by the Helsinki Court of Appeals District’s quality report in 2007 of the legal counsel’s role in matters involving children: “Matters involving children differ from other legal counsel work in the sense that the starting point and the aim is not only the client’s interest, but also the interest of the child which is the subject of the proceedings.” In addition, I comply fully with The Ethical Guidelines of the Finnish Bar Association, here especially to be noted the conciliatory attitude (point 7.1), which means that I am committed to always looking first for an amicable solution before taking any legal action on behalf of my client.

Last but not least, I wake up in the mornings to help my clients and their loved ones to move on with their lives. Because of this, I am committed to our three service statements, which are a binding cost appraisal, quality assurance and clarity assurance. By fulfilling these promises I want to prove that I am here for you. I know how easily legal costs can get out of hand, so I am committed to handling your case with a predetermined maximum cost if at all possible. I also know, that especially in matters involving children, there is a need for an interpreter between the real life and law, and thus I am committed to be that interpreter. Clearly and understandably.

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